So how come we have a rice shortage?

Further proof that the Philippines is sinking fast. Apparently, there’s lots of rice everywhere—even in Africa—while we don’t have enough even to feed our people. What is wrong with this picture?

Good Tuesday, everyone. The weather outside is erratic—one minute sunny, the next there’s a flash flood—and perfectly reflects my mood. Don’t mind me. I’ll cheer up as the week goes along, I guess. I’m just carrying a massive sleep debt and I’m broke, so everything is making me grumpy.

Book I’m carrying around: Thunderstruck, by Eric Larson. (Finally got around to it)

Music I’m listening to: A mixed CD by Karen Vera

Music I’m “craving” (if there’s such a thing): Songs by The Beatles. I’m editing an article on Liverpool and it’s making me hum The Fab Four’s tunes.

So how come we have a rice shortage?


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My name is Terrie. I write for a living and blog for pleasure. Some days, I get up in the morning and know precisely what kind of day it is. At other times, I get knocked over for a loop. People seem to like confiding in me. When I was younger, I thought I knew everything and can tell you what you need to do if you ask me. Now that I'm older, I realize I don't know anything. That's been my motivation for the blog and for writing. To figure out the unknown and unknowable.

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