I just watched the midseason finale of Battlestar Galactica, in which the fleet—spoiler alert!—manages to find Earth only to land on a planet that seemed to have been destroyed by a nuclear war. What the frak, indeed! Waaah, second half of the show’s fourth and last season won’t air till January 2009! Gotta find a new show to be obsessed with. In the meantime, here’s a photo and an article for those who, like me, will be having serious BG withdrawal soon (yes, Carrie, I’m talking to you!). (Photo courtesy of scifi.com)

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My name is Terrie. I write for a living and blog for pleasure. Some days, I get up in the morning and know precisely what kind of day it is. At other times, I get knocked over for a loop. People seem to like confiding in me. When I was younger, I thought I knew everything and can tell you what you need to do if you ask me. Now that I'm older, I realize I don't know anything. That's been my motivation for the blog and for writing. To figure out the unknown and unknowable.

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