12 thoughts on “On Hooper”

    1. Sure! The only one of you guys who has been here was Mela and that’s because we were on our way to Little India, which is near, for her shopping, haha! Next time, I’ll take you here and do the nature stuff. 😉


    1. Hi, Elvira! 🙂

      That’s really fantastic news! When I heard they closed down the physical shop, I was really kicking myself for not checking it out sooner! I will be sure to drop by Burlington Square and Gohd Books soon.

      Thank you for letting me know and thank you for dropping by! 🙂


  1. Cool! I used to live in number 18 a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Now living in a modern house, i do miss living in a part of history, so appreciate it when you can. Watch out for the mosquitoes!


    1. Ooh, number 18! We’re farther down, near the bend almost. Haha, yes I learned an early — and itchy — lesson on mozzies a few weeks living there. I was out back in the small patio we had, reading a book and having coffee. I was there for maybe an hour, thinking it was great to just be out and relaxing. I got to my room, and I was covered with welts! Ugh! :p I seldom stayed out without a bug spray or mozzie repellent after that, haha! Thanks for dropping by!


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