5 thoughts on “Is it art or is it art?”

  1. I’d consider the sticker lady’s efforts art, along with most graffiti (anything that makes the streets more visually appealing than they would be as a blank slate really), but in Singapore, since laws are so strict about vandalism/keeping the city clean, I think her work is less about how the stickers look and more about the statement of putting them up in the streets.


    1. Totally agree with you! For me, one characteristic of art is that it evokes/provokes an emotional response and she certainly accomplished that.

      And yes, I agree that it was more a statement, which is probably why the government is after her.

      Thanks for dropping by and reacting, btw. I love it when my blog posts provoke a response. 😉


      1. I agree! Which is also probably why the government is reacting this way. It’s not exactly used to having street artists expressing their art in the streets of Singapore! Any “street art” here is highly regulated — which of course, is contradictory to the guerrilla nature of street art. 🙂


      2. The government isn’t even used to people chewing gum in the city, let alone street art. Which makes the sticker art all the more powerful and (I think) adds to the guerrilla nature !


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