3 thoughts on “Reviews: Before Midnight and Crazy Rich Asians”

  1. Cha, Pierra and I were just talking about Before Midnight last Saturday. I think we all loved the second movie best (I know I do) but it doesn’t diminish the fact that this third (last? unless Linklater allows us to go back after another nine years, with Jesse and Celine’s twins about to head off to college–empty nesters anyone? Before Noon? Haha!) installment is another wonderful gift. (Can there be a box set, please).

    I love how the two characters have remained essentially the same and have evolved as well (didn’t we see hints of Celine’s neurosis–maybe you can think of a better word, hehe–in the past movie in that cab ride back to her apartment and it just got more pronounced now?) And man, that fight was epic. It was funny (for us but probably not for their characters) and emotionally exhausting to watch, and I felt like I shouldn’t be there watching and listening because it felt so real. I actually got a headache after. Parang involved ako sa away. And when the movie ended, I felt a bit sad since there’s a good chance that will be the last we’ll see of them together (Before Noon? Before Noon?).

    One of the many things pa I love about the ‘Before’ movies is that the endings are more open-ended and it’s also telling of the viewers’ perspectives. I’m sure ikaw may guess ka, if they stayed together or quits na, hehe.


    1. Ako, I love this movie the best of the three, mostly because of that whole walk down to the hotel AND the fight. You’re right, it was bruuutal! It’s how real people fight. It made perfect sense yet it was so silly! Especially since both of them knew how to push each other’s buttons.

      You’re right, Celine is high-strung and neurotic but Jesse is also complacent and smug. It’s like the characteristics that attracted them to each other when they were young got calcified and…. Just got more pronounced I guess.

      Also liked the lead up to the fight — the foreplay and all. The way Celine just took off her panties right then and there, in an artless “real” way. You’re right, it was like we shouldn’t be witnessing it, but we were.

      The romantic in me would like to think they stuck it out. But the realist in me thinks they separated. Buuuut… They’ll get together by the end of the next movie, hahahaaaa!

      I love the endings too because they allow the viewers to continue the story depending on their own POVs. Intelligent writing! Hats off to Delpy, Hawke, and Linklater!

      Ikaw, what do you think? They called it quits? Parang di ko kakayanin, hahaha!


      1. In Before Sunset I told myself that they would end up together, that Jesse was going to miss his flight; in this installment I still want to believe that they’ll remain together,, but looking back at that fight–when they were really pushing each other’s buttons that way (which I think you try not to do with a person you still care about or at least respect)–a part of me thinks maybe not or else they would end up bitter and angry at each other, with more of those epic fights!
        I was ready to love this movie best out of all the three but I don’t think I can watch it again and again (like the other two).

        Yeah, I also like the conversation during the walk to the hotel and the part leading up to the fight, with Celine’s boobs hanging there while she answered the phone. Haha! So real! 😉


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