9 thoughts on “Out walking: Little India at night”

  1. I really enjoyed this post! Really makes me want to come visit and take a long, leisurely evening stroll (and pop into Owl’s Brew!) with you. Hay, how I wish it were safe to walk around Manila at night.


    1. Hey, thanks, Magpie! 😉 Yes, I wish it were safe to walk around Manila at night! I used to do that, you know. Walk around the streets of Teacher’s Village at night, but no more than a few blocks. Here, I get to do that at all hours of the day and night (Singaporean friends will tell me that it’s an erroneous perception that SG is entirely safe, I know it’s not, but it’s safer than most, definitely!).

      And yes, definitely let’s go walking when you’re here and maybe check out Owl’s Brew, hehe… I am tempted to go in there by myself and have a drink, but I am still not comfortable about going into a bar and drinking by myself. That’s another challenge I should set for myself one of these days. 😉


  2. Hey Pinxy BD thanks for the tour.

    I’m waxing nostalgic to a co-worker now…… I’m really missing the Singapore culinary adventure………………


    1. Hey, W! 😊

      Well, you know as well as I do that there are pluses and minuses to living here, haha!

      Maybe try to find an Asian resto there and eat some of your favorites? Or cook them yourself? 😉


      1. I made bagged mee goreng that I brought home from SG – included the sauce…………

        Meh. 😦

        Nothing around these parts that gets close to the real deal.


  3. What an interesting walk and neighborhood. It suddenly made me want to fly to SG and take this walk with you para you’re not alone to go inside the bar 🙂 Btw, what is that app you used for the distance that you walked?


    1. Hey, thanks, Mabes! 😊 I’m encouraged to post my walks now because of you and Pierra, haha! Walked from the office to home earlier — 5.41km! Next time I do it, I’ll take pics, hehehe… And tara, you and Pierra come over. Let’s check out Owl’s Brew, hahaha!

      That app is Nike+ Running. I think it’s free (at least when I downloaded it, it was). It’s a really useful app. That’s what I use to track and record all my runs/walks. Try it. 😊


  4. I’m guessing Little India has lost some of it’s charm. The crust has been peeled back a bit. I was very disappointed to see the events of late……….

    What is the vibe on Race Course Road?


    1. I haven’t actually been since the night I went walking. 🙂

      Who are you disappointed with? Among friends and acquaintances the conversation is that yes, it was the rioters’ fault, but the event was likely triggered by years of systemic abuse and discrimination.

      There’s a really good blog you should read: Yawning Bread. Check out my list of Blogs I Follow on the right hand side. The blog should be there. The guy has pretty good insights and analysis. His two latest posts are all about the incident and goes beyond what the government puts out. Go read! He’s my favorite blogger right now. His take on the SG situation is pretty spot on. 😉


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