8 thoughts on “Weekend: Saturday in the park*”

    1. Carrie, no ants — because no one litters! As in, we all pick up after ourselves afterwards (mahirap na, baka makulong pag hindi, hahaha!) and of course, there are cleaners. Little kids run around barefoot with the parents not concerned about broken glass or whatnot. Anyway, we shall picnic the next time you and Gie come over. Di ko na kayo papagurin, hehehe…


  1. Hey, the universe heard your Chicago shoutout! They made a random, lovely surprise appearance at the Grammys, playing with Robin Thicke. Who wouldda thunk?

    And let’s do this again. The Earth needs it, and so do we.


    1. I knooow! It seems as if the music of the spheres aligned this weekend somehow. First, with our coincidental Space Oddity shoutout and then Chicago. Hmmm, there must really be something to this grounding business. We all got connected to the universe. And yep, am going into hippie-dippy speak. 😜


  2. Wow, I never knew there have been studies on positive health benefits of touching dirt/ground… stuff about negative electrical potential… My nerd heart rejoices. Maybe that’s why digging one’s toes in the sand brings so much joy 🙂
    You guys all looked happy…quick glance, I thought the wine was called ‘lechon’ haha!


    1. See? You learn something from reading me! It’s not all nonsense, hahaha! I only learned about grounding recently in fact, but I recognized the effect. My mom is an avid gardener and she is always more centered and happier than most people I know. I think because she’s always mucking about in the dirt and getting the goodness of sunshine and fresh air. 🙂

      The wine is from the French grocery Fauchon (it’s Paris’ version of Harrods, I think). They don’t have a branch here, but I spotted the wine one time in the supermarket and it was on sale, so I bought some. 🙂 Good enough for a picnic, hehe…


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