Wonder Woman is here!

So this is weird. This trailer for Wonder Woman, which premiered at the recent San Diego Comic Con, made me teary-eyed. It surprised me, my reaction. Imagine, a grownup getting emotional about a female superhero! And she wasn’t even my favorite superhero back then.

I mean, as a kid I enjoyed Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman and the animated Justice League series on TV. But I was never a big fan specifically of Wonder Woman. I loved her powers of course (and her Invisible Jet!), but to me then, she was part of the team, which of course, included other superheroes. Also, as a child of the 70s and 80s, I grew up watching other shows with powerful women like The Bionic Woman and Isis (remember her?), not to mention Xena and She-Ra. Later on, the X-Men came along, which included some powerful female mutants. All of these were badass grownup women who could kick anyone’s butt alongside any of the other superheroes. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I didn’t lack for powerful female role models growing up.

So why the reaction? I guess because I grew up and forgot how good Wonder Woman was. Or maybe I just realized on a visceral level for the first time, the dearth of female superheroes. There’s larger-than-life Superman and Batman, not to mention Spidey, the whole Marvel crew, but to my mind, no one stood toe-to-toe with the icons like Wonder Woman. She was the OG female superhero and there she was, kicking ass on the big screen (or soon will be). And a whole new generation of kids get to see how great she is!

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My name is Terrie. I write for a living and blog for pleasure. Some days, I get up in the morning and know precisely what kind of day it is. At other times, I get knocked over for a loop. People seem to like confiding in me. When I was younger, I thought I knew everything and can tell you what you need to do if you ask me. Now that I'm older, I realize I don't know anything. That's been my motivation for the blog and for writing. To figure out the unknown and unknowable.

2 thoughts on “Wonder Woman is here!”

  1. I know at least one other person na naiyak sa trailer. Di naman ako naluha but I thought the battle scenes were strangely moving… Can’t wait!!!


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