Update, schmupdate! :)

Yep, I know I haven’t updated in a while, except for that Oriah Mountain Dreamer poem that KNA forwarded during VD. So I’m going to make up for it with a long post—so brace yourself, haha! For some, the post really won’t be new as they’re rehashes of updates I’ve already emailed to friends and family. Still, I think I can be forgiven for posting them here, haha!

 VD stories

Yup, some kinda delayed but hey, it’s kinda interesting how Valentine’s is celebrated here. It’s over-the-top yet at the same time restrained. Weird nga eh. VD here isn’t as chaotic as Manila though…

A friend (KPV, that’s you, haha!) and I managed to watch a movie on VD. It was a HK movie entitled Look For A Star starring HK superstars Andy Lau and Shu Qi, hahaha! For those not in the know, I love HK movies—mostly the good ones (Infernal Affairs! Chungking Express! Running On Karma! Comrades Almost a Love Story!) but I can be persuaded to watch the cheesy ones as well. What can I say, they’re funny!

The movie was properly schmaltzy (as befitting the season) and at times cringe-inducing, but it was fun laughing at the movie. KInda OD’d on schmaltz over that Valentine’s Day weekend, actually. The VD frenzy here isn’t as bad as in Manila, but it’s pretty wild din.

Stalls selling bouquets of roses and cute stuffed toys sprouted on Orchard almost overnight. In the movie, we were surrounded by couples with bouquets complete with heart-shaped balloons pa! Kami lang ata ang fangirls sa sinehan, hahaha!

Iconic parang-sine image I saw in the train station as I was rushing to meet my friends before the movie: A guy holding a bouquet of flowers and a pink heart-shaped balloon anxiously waiting by the turnstile for his girl. O ha! Beat that for romantic imagery, hehe…