Midday, Humpday Reflection: Boobs

I was inspired by the nymag.com article to draw my own pair

This is a somewhat odd, middle of the week post. I don’t usually overshare personal reflections in this blog, but I just came across the article, “New York Women Draw Their Own Boobs” on nymag.com, which amused me. Reading it, I had an immediate flashback to my mom, getting dressed. I don’t know if she would appreciate me sharing this, but she’s not shy about getting dressed in front of her kids, even now that we’re grownups. When she needed to take off or put on a top, for instance, and we happened to barge into her bedroom to ask her something or talk to her, she would just blithely go on doing what she was doing, without self-consciousness, as if it were perfectly natural for her kids to see her naked. And we all got used to it, growing up. It was just mom being mom.

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Hala Bira! Youth in ati-atihan costumes at the Caticlan airport runway, waiting for the first flight of Cebu Pacific direct to Caticlan. You know what this means—more tourists! What with the ro-ro, CebuPac, Asian Spirit, SeaAir…I really hope Boracay has a strong environmental/ecological plan in place. (BTW, I have no idea why the photo is sideways! I tried rotating it several times already. Grrr…)

Firedancer at Boracay Tropics. The first night we were on the island, Boracay Tropics, our hotel, hosted a mini party for its guests. It was pouring rain and they wanted to show us what evenings were like on the beachfront. So there were little ihawans with grilled seafood and meats (choriburger! It only ever tastes good in Boracay! Why is that?), and little kiosks selling souvenir items, as well as the ubiquitous braiding, henna tattoo, and glitter tattoo services. This dancer (forgot his name!) is said to be the best and most famous firedancer in Bora. But I was told that he doesn’t participate government-sponsored events on the island? Why? He’s gay and the mayor thinks it won’t be good for Boracay tourism! How crazy, right?