A little romance to counter the blahness of the rainy weather. And because a colleague was telling me about Ryan Gosling saving a girl from being hit by a taxi (again with the good works?? Remember how he waded in between two angry men and broke up a fight? Siiigh. Anyway…)… So I saw this video of him and Rachel McAdams at the MTV Video Awards back in the day. Enjoy!!

100 Funniest Supernatural Quotes

For no reason. Because the link’s funny and it’s time I put them in the blog. Supernatural is a hit TV series, but I think it’s a critically underrated. The story is brilliant — the show’s mythology is one of the best on TV, I think — the acting is superb and it’s fun. Watch it! (via KV)

100 Funniest Supernatural Quotes

“You know that old cliché from cartoons where the gray cloud follows around a character, persistingly raining down on them?

In movies, that character is John Cusack.

You may not notice from a single viewing of classic Cusack material like ’Say Anything’or ‘High Fidelity.’ But watch enough JC films like us, and the trend becomes disturbingly apparent. We will say this, though. Cusack wears water better than any man out there — no matter how frustrated he always seems to be in it.”—John Cusack in the Rain (mashed by Avaryll Halley)

Love John Cusack—but this vid is for mabes, hehe…

This year’s Sexiest Man Living goes to Downey because he breaks our heart onscreen and off. He wears his age and experience like a badge of honor and looks comfortable in his own gorgeous skin.—Salon’s The Sexiest Man Living 2008. I completely agree!

But first and foremost, Quantum of Solace reminds us how lucky we are to have Craig as Bond…Part of his skill lies in his physicality, and I’m not just talking about those impressively molded pecs. Even in his trimmest tux, Craig walks with the purposefulness of a stocky tomcat. He has the look of a guy spoiling for a fight, and he usually finds it. But Craig is also the most romantic of the Bonds, the one who, despite his penchant for getting into some nasty dust-ups, sports most of his cuts and bruises on the inside.

from Zacharek’s review of QoS in Salon, her version of drooling, haha!