The movies are not kind to older actors, and yet Newman walked away from this merciless business seemingly unscathed. During his second and third acts, he kept his dignity partly by playing me who seemed to have relinquished theirs through vanity or foolishness. Some of them were holding onto decency in an indecent world; others had nearly let it slipped through their fingers.

Decency seems to have come easily to Newman himself, as evidenced by his philanthrophic and political endeavors, which never devolved into self-promotion. It was easy to take his intelligence for granted as well as his talent, which survived even the occasional misstep. At the end of The Drowning Pool, a woman wistfully tells Newman, I wish you’d stay awhile. I know how she feels.

Manohla Dargis, in her obit in the International Herald Tribune. Goodbye, Butch Cassidy. There goes part of my childhood. And no, I wasn’t born when that movie was first shown, but it was still one of my favorite movies growing up. Like a lot of his generation, my dad sneered at the taste of younger people, so he exposed us kids to the movies and music of “old people” as we thought of it then. Growing up in our household, it was kinda hard to defend 80s New Wave when Dad pitted it against, The Beatles, let’s say. Same with movies. Aside from watching old Dracula movies with him (hence my love for horror movies and books), we kids got exposed to his kind of films. Like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, the first movie I think I watched where the heroes died. Before this, I thought that movies were all about happy endings—the hero gets the girl, they kiss and walk off into the sunset. Not end up dying in a hail of bullets. But what an ending, yes?

Attention members of the I Heart James McAvoy Club (that means all you girls, haha!). This one’s for you. According to this article, this show’s first two seasons features a pre-breakout James McAvoy. That’s him standing at left, looking all of 18 years old, good Lord! Hmmm, wonder if this show is available at my friendly dibidi suki? And if not, where I can get it? (Ahem, Carrie?) Looks interesting. 🙂

T: Hey, who sang that song that references Pepe Smith, Chicoy Pura, etc.?

M: Huh? I don’t know. Ang alam ko lang “Betamax” by Sandwich.

T: Ay, that’s it! I forgot…

M: I can’t believe you forgot a Sandwich song!

Can’t believe it, either. Which is why I’m posting this vid of Sandwich performing the song in 70s Bistro to make up for it. (I miss 70s Bistro. Punta tayoooh!) I found this song funny and poignant first time I heard it, and last night I heard it again in the cab. Wala lang, guess it just reminded me of what it was like before. Like, how did we ever cope without cellphones?? In college, whenever we needed to meet up with friends, we’d post Post-Its at the tambayan or in message boards where our friends were likely to pass by and hope by the grace of God they see the note. Sorry na lang if s/he didn’t see the note, or it fell off, or the wind blew it away…But we just didn’t worry about it because we didn’t really have an alternative. Now, we get antsy if we accidentally leave our phones at home, as if the day isn’t complete somehow. In any case, enjoy the vid. Bonus: Raimund sings the E-heads’ “Shake Yer Head” which I think is one of their best songs evah. BTW, Mabes just reminded me of the upcoming E-Heads reunion concert at the CCP grounds on August 30. Let’s waaatch! 🙂

Owen is so still in repose that when he laughs—and his is the loud, forceful, blow-your-hair-back kind—it’s like a jack-in-the-box. It’s exhilirating and scary when it leaps out and instantly sobering when he snaps it back in.

Details magazine, September 2007 issue, with The Clive on the cover. Isn’t it such a spot-on description of Clive Owen?! Wish I could write like this. It’s a Friday afternoon and I’m sleepy and feeling lazy to work so I’m just killing time by staring at Clive and wishing I could go down to Nail Spa for a foot spa. I’m overcome with weekend ennui—and the weekend hasn’t even started.

Diary of a mad week

The story so far last week can be summed up in one word: Expensive!

Monday: Started out OK. Took the MRT and basically lived within means for the day—which was a good thing because I splurged for dinner after pulling out a ton of dresses for my boss’s shoot in Podium. Reminder: Gotta check out that Markati area more thoroughly for their nice stuff. But I’ll do so next sweldo, when I can spend again!

Tuesday: Again, started out pretty much OK. And then had dinner and a movie (The Other Boleyn Girl) with Rach and Mela. It was supposed to be Javier Bardem with his bowl cut in No Country for Old Men and instead ended up with Eric Bana in hose and ruffs, which in some ways, a better tradeoff. Eric Bana is H-O-T! The movie was a soap opera—complete with overwrought dialogue, underhanded machinations, implausible plot points—but enjoyable nonetheless. Totally inaccurate as far as history goes, but Philippa Gregory’s retelling of Henry VIII’s Reformation was fun. Besides, it’s too early in the week to be watching sociopaths on a killer rampage. Reminder: Reread Allison Weir’s The Six Wives of Henry VIII for the accurate historical account.

Wednesday: Karen’s despedida. Dinner at Cafe Bola, coffee/beer and dessert at Cafe Breton. I blew my budget for this one. Never mind, it was worth it. Saw friends I haven’t seen in a while. The dynamics of the group was kinda strange though—as it always is when we’re all together. I’m pretty sure behavioral psychologists would have a field day observing us that night. Ended the night pigging out with the girls at North Park. A midnight meal at North Park is always the perfect way to end the evening. Reminder: Make an effort to get together with friends more often. It’s sad that we only gather when someone’s leaving!

Thursday: Stayed late in the office and rushed off the Mall of Asia for the larger-than-life U23D concert at the iMax. Kinda expensive, but totally worth it. I have a feeling IMax and 3D have changed my movie preferences forever! I want to watch everything on 3D na! OK, maybe not the gory movies. Then again… Reminder: Play more U2! Awesome band! And always have a crush on Larry Mullen, haha! And strangely, The Edge is hotter now that he’s old.

Friday: Ironically, just when everyone’s out celebrating the end of the week, I stayed late in the office to finish some work. I figure I should buckle down and write since I haven’t really been trying for the past week or so. Reminder: Write more!

Saturday: Malling with the girls! I forgot how fun just going around the mall can be. Of course, I ended up spending way over my budget again. I’ll think about how I’m not going to eat in the coming days. Today was fun though. Reminder: Breath mall air more often.