Oops, I’ve been delinquent. I haven’t posted in so long. I see that my last entry was about my new niece. So cuuute. Anyways, to make up for it, will post some photos of what I’ve been up to for the past month.

Like this: An exhibit of the works of Verner Panton—he of the iconic chair Panton or S chair—at the Singapore National Museum. The one in the photo is the Visiona II, which is this surreal living space that he built in 1970 for the Cologne Fair. There’s a replica of it in the museum and you can go in and sit inside. You’re actually encouraged to go in and sit. At the press preview, we were inside for about 20 minutes. Cool, yes? The exhibit is until May 12 (photo courtesy of dishondesign)

Gift shop at the TCDC, where I think the Coven and the D&M will drool over the fab stuff, hehe…I love the red&blue canvas tote with the whale design seen on the bottom right. But I couldn’t buy coz it was freaking expensive! Around 3,500 baht! Too frakking overpriced, but it was cute and big enough for all the junk I put in my bag. Haay, next time…

This one is a divider made up of paper plates at the Thailand Creative and Design Center, where they also have a very state-of-the-art, kickass, up-to-the-minute design library that will make design-mad friends (that’s you, twin!) froth at the mouth with envy. The TCDC lib had all the latest design and archi books and magazines, a DVD library for members who want to while the afternoon away watching movies, and Macs for those who need to surf, write, or just watch YouTube, hehe…Too bad I don’t have a shot of the library. I must have deleted it. My bad!