Winona forever!

So this is how we might picture Winona Ryder, after all these years: the former cool girl in repose, grown into a comfortably complicated adult, not in search of a comeback so much as another great book to read. That doesn’t mean her life is simple or easy, of course. “It’s almost like that Twilight Zone episode where that guy says, ‘I just want to be left alone so I can read my books,’ ” she says with a smile. “And then he ends up being sent to a planet where it’s just him and his books, and he’s so happy, and then his glasses fall off and they break.”

Just got through reading Winona’s profile on The Cut and yes, it’s a celebrity interview so it should be fluffy, but this is about Winona, so the piece couldn’t be fluffy if it tried. She’s just such an oddball in that strange way most of us GenXers were (are?). I still have not watched Stranger Things — yes, I know, I’m late to the program — but I am glad she’s acting again. Had to post that quote above from the article, because it just made me laugh in kinship. Aside from the fact that she loves to read and is a little spacey, that Twilight Zone episode is one of my favorites. And so, given all this, I totally think Winona and I would be great friends should we ever meet. Haha! #girlcrush

Anyway, here’s the full profile. Go read it over at The Cut.


“Memory is an internal rumor.”—Santayana


“Black is the absence of light but white is the absence of memory. The color of can’t remember.” Nice, yes? Both are from Stephen King’s Duma Key. I really get in trouble when I leave the office. Temptations abound. Saw this at Fully Booked High Street when I passed by there after an event at lunchtime today. There wasn’t even an internal debate on whether I should buy it or not! It’s like my mind went on autopilot and just directed me to the cashier. Good Sense threw up her hands and gave me up as a lost cause. I may now have to starve this weekend to make up for buying the book. No regrets.