Punk and fashion, power and femininity, poverty and class

Punk and fashion, power and femininity, poverty and class

Fashion regularly shocks me in all sorts of small and large ways. I am dumbfounded by the practically immoral prices of handbags and shoes. But the design of a pair of towering armadillo heels? Eh. I am appalled by the inability of so many designers to recognize the moral responsibility that comes with visually defining class, power, and femininity. I don’t understand why, in an increasingly global business, fashion doesn’t take a more activist stance on labor laws and fair wage issues.

And every now and then, I am left speechless when designers tell a story of such astonishing beauty or intellectual richness that it pushes all sense of logic and practicality out of a woman’s mind and all she can do is stop, smile, and think.” — from the article, “If Punk Can’t Shock, Fashion Still Can”

I love this article. In all my years as a magazine writer and editor, I’ve only written about fashion peripherally, and certainly not as incisively as Robin Givhan. See, kids? This is what fashion journalism is all about!

[link and image borrowed from nymag.com]