After Henderson Waves with Chiquit. Henderson Waves is the bridge in the background. It spans, well, the Henderson area and is made of undulating slats of wood and steel. It’s a really nice graceful bridge. When you’re walking on it, it’s not actually scary because you don’t really see what’s below you, unless you look over the edge. But just the idea that it’s all mostly wood that’s keeping you from plunging to terra firma kinda messed with my head, haha!

[Photo by Chiquit Torrente]

How I spent my Saturday afternoon

Went hiking over nine kilometers through Singapore’s Southern Ridges yesterday afternoon. That’s from Normanton Park, to Hort Park, the Alexandra Arch and forest walk, through Faber Park, the Henderson Waves, the Marang Trail all the way to VivoCity where we ended up buying Tshirts at Mango (to change into—our shirts were wet through with sweat!). Awesome!!! It’s a Singapore that most visitors and even residents don’t really get to experience.

Unfortunately, no photographic evidence because, one, I have no camera (planning to rectify that soon!) and both Chiquit and I were busy trying not to panic at the thought that we were crossing a looong steel mesh bridge really high up above the forest floor!

Anyways, I hope that when we do it again soon, we’ll have balls enough to stand still and take photos.