Now where were we?


So this was my lunch today. I was checking out the fridge for what to eat (and also with the idea of planning dinner) when I spied a lonely eggplant in the corner of the veggie crisper. Voila! Lunch dilemma solved. I sliced it up, fried it and had it with leftover rice. Dipping sauce is made up of rice vinegar, soy sauce, chopped up garlic and a bit of salt. Yum!

While I was eating, I was reminded of the time D and I were making moussaka. Our version involved sliced up eggplant, which you then fry and layer with sliced cooked potatoes, sauteed minced lamb, white sauce and lots of cheese before baking everything to perfection in the oven. As we were frying the eggplant, I turned to D and said that in the Philippines, the fried eggplant alone with rice would be a complete meal by itself. D looked at me like I was crazy (but in that polite way Brits do it) and merely said that it didn’t sound appetising to him at all. I only laughed. Which got me thinking about the different ways we’re culturally conditioned to like certain things that someone from a different culture might find strange. For instance, D with the fried eggplant and rice (and probably a lot of Pinoy dishes; but this is probably more because of my cooking than the inherent qualities of the dish itself. I once cooked him adobo that had too much vinegar in it. He hates sour dishes, so that adobo probably, uhm, soured him on the dish forever!).

In my case, am still struggling to come to terms with his love for the quintessentially English baked beans on toast. We once had this for lunch at home in the UK, because we couldn’t be bothered to cook something and I was thinking then that it was a strange meal. I eventually mentioned that I found the combination of beans and toast was not what I’d consider a meal. He was amused and vowed not to serve it to me again, remarking that as a penniless university student, he practically lived on the stuff. I guess to him and many Brits, baked beans is a staple, same as rice for Filipinos. Or maybe instant pancit canton (fried noodles), if we’re going by the analogy of starving uni students. For me, that was the staple and even for a few years after uni, which is probably why I don’t eat it today. There’s a pack of six Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton packets in the pantry that we bought last year (I think) and I haven’t opened it yet. I don’t know why I bought it. For nostalgia? Or a worst-case scenario for when the zombie apocalypse happens maybe and we’d need supplies? Who knows!

So what did you have for lunch?


Got the fright of my life today. I was thinking that I really should update ye ol’ blog again so logged on to WordPress via my laptop and while I got into my blog, all other pages were white with only the WordPress logo on them! WordPress did not even recognize my account name and password! I know I don’t post as much any more but this incident has made me realize how important this blog is to me! Any ideas why I could’t access my blog from my laptop?

Lunchtime break: Random quotes

Ever since high school, I’ve jotted down quotes and passages from books, magazine articles, TV shows and movies I’ve watched, people I’ve met and even overheard conversations of random people in various notebooks that I’ve been lugging around with me ever since. But with the advent of Facebook and the various incarnations of social media (like this blog), my tendency to record stuff has tapered off, which is really a pity because jotting things down was sort of how I kept track of things that happened in my life (“Ahh! Wrote this while I was having coffee with whatshername and she told me about that thing with whatshisface…” stuff like that) or was a good creative source whenever I feel blocked about what I’m writing — which is what is happening now, actually. However, this past weekend, after updating my phone’s software, I was scrolling through my notes, and it turns out I’ve been jotting down or taking photos of random stuff and I just haven’t really realized it. So I’m putting them here, before I delete them forever from the phone. Warning, some are sappy, some are wise, some I’ve posted on my Instagram or posted on Facebook, some are funny and some are just plain, “huh?”

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The six major anxieties of social media

The six major anxieties of social media

How present are you online? My friends and I were just talking about this over the weekend and it seems that more and more these days, social media is taking over our lives. We are plugged in 24/7 that it seems as if our whole lives are spent online. Let’s see. I have Facebook, Instagram, Path, Vine, Tumblr, WordPress, Google+, LinkedIn. And this list doesn’t include emails and chats. What have you got? Friends are urging me to sign up for Twitter since that’s where most of the information breaks first, Pinterest for ideas and “because it’s fun”, Flickr because, hey, we all need another channel to post our food shots in!

And now, as if it isn’t enough that we need to keep up with all of these social media apps, now comes this article on the inadequacy created by these very habits! Ironic, isn’t it? Which begs the question, why don’t we just all unplug start being face-to-face social again?

It may be too late. At a recent company meeting where we were discussing where to go for a company outing, one of the ideas floated around was to go on a cruise around some islands in Thailand. We were told there might not be wi-fi. For four days. I don’t think I was imagining it when I felt everyone reconsider the idea. Four days cut off from the Internet seems like an eternity these days.

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What your Instagram filter says about you

“Hmmm… so what does it say about me that I toggle between all these filters??”
“You’re psychotic, haha…” — Convo this morning at the office between me and alphabeticalife, who uses Brannan and Valencia because he’s hipster like that.

Corned beef pasta!

Corned beef pasta!

Last Sunday, I was having a Whatsapp convo with Mina, Karen and Chiquit (like we do) about what to have for lunch. It being a weekend, we were all in our respective places but managed to have an utterly weird, funny conversation about… stuff. Most of it centering on food, and hunger and the fact that we were all lazy to get up and cook.

As a result of that conversation, I ended up hankering for corned beef pasta. So last night, I finally gave in to the urge and made some. I’m publishing the recipe here, though I am not sure about the measurements because I generally just guess.

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