“Hello, tita. This is me. Kamukha ni daddy.” From my brother’s email to me, heehee… This is Jada Erin Alcaraz Gutierrez. I don’t think she looks like my brother though everyone says she’s the spitting image. I’m in the minority, though. She doesn’t look like her mom, either, I don’t think. But, whatever. She’s cuute!

Welcome to the world, little girl!

My new niece was born yesterday! Jada Erin Gutierrez was born yesterday afternoon. My brother, her dad, says the little girl is thriving despite being born two weeks early, catching her parents unprepared.

The surprised parents were told by family and friends that firstborns always come out late so when Jada made it clear she wanted out—as in now na, wala nang magawa magulang nya, hahaha!

In my branch of the family this makes a total of one—one!—Gutierrez girl grandchild. My lolo’s branch of the Gutierrez family has always been girl-deficient, with practically only one girl born to each branch each generation. Seriously. My lolo had three kids: my dad, Uncle Manny, and Auntie Ruth. Dad had four kids—with me the only girl. Uncle Manny had two kids—a girl and a boy. Auntie Ruth had a lot of kids—only one girl. Now of my siblings and my cousins, only my brother produced a girl!

Anyways, Jada, welcome! Your tita will surely spoil you to death when she sees you soon! Pictures coming up as soon as my brother has time to send me some! Bro, bilis! ;D