This guy’s got game!

This is the best celebrity interview ever! Mila Kunis gets interviewed by BBC newbie Christ Stark during the Oz the Great and Powerful junket. But what happens is pure interview gold! This is the type of interview I wish I were able to pull off back when I was starting out and had my youth and inexperience as an excuse for not being prepared — and not caring about what the PR machinery wants me to do! Speaking of, I wonder what the off-screen PR people are thinking while this was happening. I would imagine lots of hair-pulling and gnashing of teeth!

What I like about this kid is that nervous as he was, he was able to engage Mila in a conversation, give us a glimpse of the real person behind the interview, and managed to ask her out three times! Way to go, dude!

Of course, I have no idea if this was staged or not — I hope not, because if it were, then there really is no hope for our sad, cynical media-saturated selves.

Owen is so still in repose that when he laughs—and his is the loud, forceful, blow-your-hair-back kind—it’s like a jack-in-the-box. It’s exhilirating and scary when it leaps out and instantly sobering when he snaps it back in.

Details magazine, September 2007 issue, with The Clive on the cover. Isn’t it such a spot-on description of Clive Owen?! Wish I could write like this. It’s a Friday afternoon and I’m sleepy and feeling lazy to work so I’m just killing time by staring at Clive and wishing I could go down to Nail Spa for a foot spa. I’m overcome with weekend ennui—and the weekend hasn’t even started.