Tomorrow is a friend’s wedding and I’m now on official panic mode. I still don’t have a dress for the big event! Why, oh, why do I do this to myself?! You’d think I’d learn! Eleven years ago at around this time, I was frantically shopping for a dress for another friend’s wedding. Several weddings since then, I still end up buying my outfit at the last minute! I never learn. And what does Katherine Hiegl’s movie have to do with my dilemma? Nothing really. I just wish I had her organizing abilities. And of course, her luck in meeting gorgeous guys like James Marsden at the wedding do. No such luck, for me, I’m afraid. My friend’s society wedding tomorrow is sure to be full of society matrons botoxed and lipo’d to within an inch of their lives. Oh well, at least I’m sure there’ll be good wine. We’ll just stand at the sidelines and watch the circus!