New year, old goals

Continuing on some old resolutions…

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So I was on Facebook today and saw that I had “memories” on this day. I checked it, and an article I posted four years ago on new year’s resolutions showed up. Here’s the article: New Year’s Resolutions that Aren’t Losing Weight. In my post, I said that these were doable resolutions and now I am wondering if I did well on them — in 2016! I’ve also found these goals to be worth pursuing — or maybe continuing for 2017 — so I think I’ll just use these as my resolutions for the new year, while checking if I did well for 2016. Let’s see…

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New year, new blog

The thing about moving blog addresses, just like when one is actually moving to another house, is that everything becomes chaotic, so bear with me while I find my way around this site and fix glitches as they show up. And just like a new resident, I am missing my old address and wondering if I made the right choice of transferring here. Time will tell, I guess.

Funny, though. I had wanted to veer away from what was familiar when I was choosing how this blog would look like, but I invariably ended up gravitating toward what I was used to. I realized I was more set in my ways than I thought. Or maybe it’s just a matter of old habits dying hard?

That’s a good thought to reflect as we start 2013, though: Habits that need breaking have to be broken. Onward.

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