The link above lists seven types of hashtag abusers, which one are you?

I seldom use hashtags. Not for any “noble” “holier-than-thou” reason; I was (still am) just too lazy to tag what I post online. I figured, if my stuff gets seen/read, then fine. If not, then fine too. Digital (not biological) determination by way of social media. Survival of the digital fittest. I do use it from time to time when I’m trying to be funny, sarcastic or self-deprecating, but it was just such a bother that most of the time, I don’t. I did think hashtagging got out of hand though when I started seeing hashtags like #fun and #food in posts.

Don’t get me wrong. Used sparingly and efficiently, a hashtag is useful for clariying tone, injecting subtext, playfuling rejiggering text, as the article states — or in my case, directing sarcasm (at myself) and attempting to be ironic. To quote the article, which quotes writer Slate deputy editor Julia Turner, “[T]he hashtag gives the writer the opportunity to comment on his own emotional state, to sarcastically undercut his own tweet, to construct an extra layer of irony, to offer a flash of evocative imagery or to deliver metaphors with striking economy.”

But the article leaves us with a question: “But is [the hashtag] too much of a cheat? A gimmick that stops us from going deeper, thinking harder, or expressing ourselves more fully and clearly?” You tell me.

[image from article in nymag.com]

Geeking out: A comprehensive Game of Thrones guidelet

Geeking out: A comprehensive Game of Thrones guidelet

With season three looming over the horizon, fangirls and boys are now almost salivating with geekery over what the new season will bring. Personally, I need to finish reading A Storm of Swords this week (ack!) because much of what happens in the new season will come from this installment. I’m sure though that the people behind the TV series are going to stretch Book 3 into two seasons. There is no way everything will fit in one, I think!

But before the season premiere, here’s nymag’s quite comprehensive refresher course on all things Game of Thrones. Enjoy!

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