Well played, Belize!


Nice one, Belize! This is how government officials should play it when your country is not-so-flatteringly referenced in pop culture (ahem, Dan Brown, yoohoo!). Philippine officials (special shout out to MMDA chair Tolentino!) should take note — instead of being thin-skinned and crying foul.

Read the full story on Belize and Breaking Bad on Slate (including an enlarged version of the image).

For our candidates

Translation: “Your campaign jingle is cute, and copied from Justin Bieber, One Direction and other pop songs, but what I really want to hear are your plans so my mom and dad don’t have to go abroad to earn a living, and how you’re going to provide me with a quality education so we don’t end up destitute.”

I hope the Philippines votes wisely this coming May elections.

It’s more fun in the Philippines

It’s my second day of purging my room of all the crap that accumulated for the past year or so. Yesterday, I started with my closets and now, on to my books, accessories, old cosmetics/toiletries, etc… I guess it’s also my version of a renewal. Tomorrow is Easter, after all.

And Easter always makes me think of summer. And summer book lists. And the beach or the pool. And warm weather (not that we don’t have that here in Singapore!). And vacations. And fun. And not doing anything…. and it’s making me homesick.

This video is making me miss home in a big way!

It’s about time Filipino cuisine got some love

It’s about time Filipino cuisine got some love

This is a topic that friends and I sometimes talk about when we’re out gorging on Filipino food — why our homegrown cuisine never gets the same kind of international publicity/recognition Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese and other Asian cuisines get. My own theory is that our cuisine, like us as a people, can adapt or blend into its environment. Filipinos are great adapters, a survival skill we have honed to perfection especially since so many of us work outside the country. Same way with our cuisine. I love Filipino food, not just because it is my own, but because I personally think that it can compare with the best in the world. But why has it not been publicized more often than it should? Because it is adaptable. Add a few ingredients here, replace something with another, and you have a familiar dish that might have come from somewhere else. It frustrates me sometimes — which is why it always gives me a kick to see Filipino food getting attention in the international press, like these reviews in The New York Times of Pinoy restaurants thriving in the Big Apple. Hey, it’s New York. If we can make it there, surely we can make it anywhere.

[photo of Pig and Khao, one of the Filipino restaurants]

[image borrowed from the article in The New York Times]

Pilipinas represent!

Been spending a lot of time in io9.com lately. I used to read this site all the time then kind of forgotten about it until Karen reminded me of it (Methos!). Anyways, I’m really proud of these writers — proof that our lit landscape is vastly underrated and undiscovered. So here’s doing my bit to push Pinoy talent out there.

Pilipinas represent!

Giving everyone the finger, hehehe…Voted last Saturday. I had to get up early on a Saturday to do it, but I figured, a little lost sleep for my crazy, chaotic, in-a-class-by itself Philippines is a small price to pay so she gets the leadership she needs. I hope I made the right choices.