Geeking out: Where Game of Thrones left off and where it’s going in season 3

Geeking out: Where Game of Thrones left off and where it’s going in season 3

Above: Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance) and his son, Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) — two of my favorite characters in the TV series

I’ve been accused of geeking out too much about GoT on this blog. No apologies. Haven’t been this absorbed in a story since Battlestar Galactica more than three years ago! But this will be the last one (at least, until season 3 ends and the waiting begins), because Season 3 premieres today and I will get my jollies in actual episodes, so yay!

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What your Instagram filter says about you

“Hmmm… so what does it say about me that I toggle between all these filters??”
“You’re psychotic, haha…” — Convo this morning at the office between me and alphabeticalife, who uses Brannan and Valencia because he’s hipster like that.

Best bracketology ever!

I love this series of articles in which Vulture pits the best drama on TV in the last 25 years. OK, it’s American pop culture centric, but the shows here are arguably some of the best of all time, in any category. Of the shows here, there are only four that I haven’t watched even one ep of: Deadwood (yes, blasphemy!), The Sopranos (yes, blasphemy!), Breaking Bad (yes, blasphemy!) and The Shield (yes, blasphemy!). My only beef: ER is not on this list! To the TV gods, I promise I will add these to the growing pile of TV series debt I have on hand. Pressure, pressure!

Best bracketology ever!

Les Chansons d’Amour

Les Chansons d’Amour, opening film of 2008 Cine Europa. Time to line up at the Shang to watch free movies from Europe. The brooding guy above is Louis Garrel who plays the lead, Ismael Benoliel. Even if you’re not a fan of French cinema, this movie is worth it, just to watch Louis emote on the big screen. The movie is a musical (sort of) and the songs are trippy to listen to. Somehow, even if they’re singing about things like sex and threesomes, it all sounds so romantic in French! Cine Europa sched here.