There is a great disturbance in the Force

(Image from The New York Times obit. Read the article here.)

Carrie Fisher — Princess Leia Organa to fans — has died today. May the Force be with her.

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…heroines lik…

…heroines like Matilda and Mary Lennox remind us that you don’t need to be the loudest person in the room to be strong and interesting. Quiet strength is subtle and all too easily mistaken for meekness—and any female character who even appears timid or uncertain will inevitably face criticism for playing into antiquated gender stereotypes.”

lowe_merida_post.jpg— Lindsay Lowe, “Enough Feisty Princesses: Disney Needs an Introverted Heroine,” The Atlantic. Hear, hear! This is for the quiet gals in the room, the ones who don’t make waves, keep their mouths shut, but do their own thing anyway. They are as as strong, capable, and brave as their feisty and extroverted sisters. Happy International Women’s Day!

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