New year, old goals

Continuing on some old resolutions…

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So I was on Facebook today and saw that I had “memories” on this day. I checked it, and an article I posted four years ago on new year’s resolutions showed up. Here’s the article: New Year’s Resolutions that Aren’t Losing Weight. In my post, I said that these were doable resolutions and now I am wondering if I did well on them — in 2016! I’ve also found these goals to be worth pursuing — or maybe continuing for 2017 — so I think I’ll just use these as my resolutions for the new year, while checking if I did well for 2016. Let’s see…

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Happy 2013!

As far as new year’s resolutions go, I suck. I always have such ambitious — and specific — plans for the year, and yet, by the time February rolls around, I’ve usually abandoned them. And this year, it looks like I still suck! Imagine posting resolutions well into the second week of the new year!

This time though, I thought I’d change it up a bit and just go by a few “rules” — hmmm, more like attitude changes that I hope will inform how I behave throughout the year. I think attitude change, more than the actual resolutions themselves, informs how we make things happen in our lives.

For this year, I’m keeping in mind three things:

1. Say yes to everything the universe has to offer. I think this attitude will make me more open to new things, new experiences — and yes, even the painful ones — and allow me to be more accepting and receptive to whatever is new in my life as well as help me cope with whatever challenges, disappointments, hardships, heartbreak that come my way.

2. Believe that anything can happen, and it will. It’s a matter of focusing my mind on something. I’ve noticed that half of what gets goals accomplished is the attitude. If I have a positive outlook in what I am doing, it makes the job possible, doable and easier.

3. Embrace something new. When I turned 30, eons ago, I made a promise to myself to do something I haven’t done at least once every year. I haven’t exactly done this every year, but I’ve managed to do them most years. What’s important is that there’s an awareness that I should be fearless in experiencing/discovering something new. It made me more open to trying new things.

I think this covers everything, right? Bring it, 2013!

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I was flipping through my notebooks (I have two big ones, a pocket-sized one, and three small Moleskine journals, plus my organizer. Yes, I know.) for some notes I jotted down and came across an entry I made in January. No date to it, but I knew I wrote it in January because they were obviously resolutions—or at least goals I wanted to follow this year. It’s now halfway through 2008 and the day after Independence Day so what better time to take stock of what I’ve made of myself so far. So here’s my entry last January—with comments on where I’m at right now:

It’s the start of the year. Getting older (waah!). Some goals for 2008 that I must follow: 

1. Get better organized. Have more efficient time management. This is still a struggle, but I’m getting better at this. I’m still queen of the procastinators, though.

2. Write more. I AM writing more. And it’s even the kind of writing that I like doing and that I’m proud of, so I guess, I am fulfilling this goal.

3. Do more. Whine less. I think I’m doing more. I’m pushing myself beyond my comfort levels, I think. And I do whine less, although it is a temptation to just sit and complain. The thing about whining, though, is it takes too much energy that I’d rather spend doing something else.

4. Lose weight. Get healthy!! Haha, failed in this area. Will have to start yoga next week (ahem, Mabes?) and I need a physical checkup, I think. This year, I’ve been plagued with more and more health issues. I really am getting older (waah!)

5. Connect more. With family. With friends. With the community. I’m trying, but I do need to see my family more often, and I should insist on keeping in touch with friends as well. But I don’t think I’ve done anything that improved my community. Does contributing to barangay libraries count?

Hmm, it’s obvious I need to do more but I guess two out of five is a start.