52 weeks of Terrie: Accidental selfie

52 weeks of Terrie: Accidental selfie

Time: 9sh in the morning
State of being: Feeling sluggish, like the day hasn’t started. No caffeine in me yet
State of mind: Preoccupied. Got scolded yesterday for imperfect copy that got sent to client, who wasn’t too happy about the result.
Would rather: Go back to bed and sleep (then again, don’t we all?)

This was taken this morning while I was prepping for work. Had wanted to take a still life photo of the mirror and makeup and accidentally caught myself in the frame (of course, because there’s a mirror! Duh! What can I say? It’s morning and I haven’t had coffee yet…). Anyway, the resulting photo was interesting enough to post, so I’m posting it.

Besides, I get comments that there aren’t many pics of myself on this blog. One friend went so far as to say that it’s as if I was effacing myself from the blog, “a psychologist will have a field day analyzing your blog, Terrie!”

On my birthday post I vowed to take one selfie a week — hence 52 weeks of Terrie — just to see if I could and it seemed interesting to do self-portraits of how I’ve evolved in the course of a year. Of course, that never happened — procastination, yo! — and there just seemed to be more interesting things to post/write about than putting up my photo. But let’s see where this gets me, as there are still 50 selfies to get through. Stay tuned!