Friendship is born at that moment one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'” — author C.S. Lewis

That’s Carrie, me and Isa off to the zoo last week. Missing here is Karen who couldn’t make it to Singapore. This is three-fourths of the Coven, so called because a friend once noticed that we wore black all the time — and because back then, if you see one, chances are the other three were not far behind. The name stuck. That was several wardrobe incarnations and lifetimes ago. Since then, there’s been a wedding and a marriage; a birth; lots of shopping expeditions and midnight madness sales; movies shared; libraries-full of books bought and exchanged and gushed over; authors discovered; TV shows discussed to death; weekend afternoons spent just listening to CDs (CDs!); serious lifestuff conversations over late-night coffees/martinis/screwdrivers/beer; several graduate degrees started and abandoned; a law degree seen through; bus rides, car rides, trips and sleepovers. Lots of laughter and craziness; guys found and lost; heartaches; lessons learned and unlearned; countries travelled to; several changes of addresses, including two abroad. Some health scares, increases in clothing sizes and weight fluctuations… Life, has obviously happened. In years, we’ve been friends for almost two decades; measured in lifestuff, we’ve known each other forever.