Midweek break: Clap along if you’re happy

Citizens of Tacloban and environs sing and dance to Pharell’s “Happy”. Got this vid from a friend who posted it on Facebook, and I loved it so much decided to post it here as well. This made me smile and the day brighter. Maybe because things happen so quickly in the Philippines — a situation can go from bad to worse in an instant, or can turn the other way and become a celebration — or we’re just so used to things not going our way, devastating natural disasters, venal politicians, stupid laws, widespread poverty, are just some of things that come to mind, that we have a deeper wellspring of goodwill, humor and positivity to draw from. So God bless the people featured here for being able to smile and, yes, look at the positive side even if there is devastation all around. Best coping mechanism ever.

After the storm

A Philippine flag flutters atop the control tower of a damaged airport after super Typhoon Haiyan battered Tacloban city, in the central Philippines. Haiyan is possibly the strongest typhoon ever to hit land.

[Image borrowed from Romeo Ranoco/Reuters]

I don’t have words today. It’s hard to concentrate on words and work when news just keeps coming of thousands of fellow Filipinos displaced by Yolanda (international name Haiyan). I’m left feeling helpless at the devastation as recounted in this heartbreaking story. (Full disclosure: Written by my brother who is on the scene to cover the tragedy.) Not being in the Philippines, I really can’t do much except send money or goods to aid relief efforts. And of course, spread the word for where you can donate or send money and goods to the affected.

There’s been a lot of aid and relief efforts being organised, but here’s a list from the Happy Lab site for those who may need a place to start: How You Can Help Victims of Yolanda.

I guess in times like these, words are unnecessary. Actions always speak louder. Let’s please help in every little way we can.