The six major anxieties of social media

The six major anxieties of social media

How present are you online? My friends and I were just talking about this over the weekend and it seems that more and more these days, social media is taking over our lives. We are plugged in 24/7 that it seems as if our whole lives are spent online. Let’s see. I have Facebook, Instagram, Path, Vine, Tumblr, WordPress, Google+, LinkedIn. And this list doesn’t include emails and chats. What have you got? Friends are urging me to sign up for Twitter since that’s where most of the information breaks first, Pinterest for ideas and “because it’s fun”, Flickr because, hey, we all need another channel to post our food shots in!

And now, as if it isn’t enough that we need to keep up with all of these social media apps, now comes this article on the inadequacy created by these very habits! Ironic, isn’t it? Which begs the question, why don’t we just all unplug start being face-to-face social again?

It may be too late. At a recent company meeting where we were discussing where to go for a company outing, one of the ideas floated around was to go on a cruise around some islands in Thailand. We were told there might not be wi-fi. For four days. I don’t think I was imagining it when I felt everyone reconsider the idea. Four days cut off from the Internet seems like an eternity these days.

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