Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch: A Visual Examination.

All otters are from The Daily Otter, for all your ottery Tumblr needs! this is for you! 😉


Here it is guys! This week’s cover: the Mad Men issue. 1960’s field trip! Look ahead to a fun week on our tumblr.

(Shout-out to tumblrs aliettegomez, tatavovo, marshaess, & kateoplis for guessing it from yesterday’s sneak peek.)

Nice cover! Add this series to my TV debt.

I love lists

Just to kickstart your Monday and to ease you into the rest of the week, here are some interesting stuff I found today:

To commemorate Women’s Month (that’s March), Flavorwire listed down the 10 most powerful women of literature. Very interesting read.

Though if you’re quibbling (as I was) why there were only 10, they did a follow-up: Readers’ choice: 10 more of the most powerful women in literature. For me, 20 is still not enough. I don’t think 50 is enough!

More kickassery, this time, on TV: 25 kickass TV heroines. My beef with this? Where are Ziva David (NCIS), Olivia Dunham (Fringe), the women of Firefly/Serenity, Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars), Patty Hewes and Ellen Parsons (Damages), Sara Walker (Chuck), and Mrs Coach (Friday Night Lights)??

Music stuff, still from Flavorwire: A musical overview of Brett Easton Ellis’ ouvre. Ellis annoys me sometimes. He can really be self-indulgent. But he’s one of the few writers who can capture the 80s, I guess because he lived it. I want to download all the music in this list!

For the design-mad (practically all my friends), here’s a list of great design blogs.

And for the frequent flyers, here’s what a former flight attendant has to say: 10 things you’ll never hear your flight attendant say. Becoming a member of the mile-high club is not illegal — good to know! Hahaha!

Also good to know and because it’s summer and everyone’s going off somewhere: The 10 rules of packing. I think I’m a good packer, though I belong to the “bring it — you never know, you might need it” school of stuffing my suitcase. This one is a basic article, but still good to know.

Happy Monday!

[photo from Flavorwire. That’s Danaerys Stormborn from Game of Thrones]

Three reasons for (and eight against) a Dark Tower adaptation

Here’s an excellent article in on the pros and cons of a Dark Tower movie(s) and TV series. Not listed in the cons is one question: Ron Howard?? Methinks he’s not the right director.

Best bracketology ever!

I love this series of articles in which Vulture pits the best drama on TV in the last 25 years. OK, it’s American pop culture centric, but the shows here are arguably some of the best of all time, in any category. Of the shows here, there are only four that I haven’t watched even one ep of: Deadwood (yes, blasphemy!), The Sopranos (yes, blasphemy!), Breaking Bad (yes, blasphemy!) and The Shield (yes, blasphemy!). My only beef: ER is not on this list! To the TV gods, I promise I will add these to the growing pile of TV series debt I have on hand. Pressure, pressure!

Best bracketology ever!

100 Funniest Supernatural Quotes

For no reason. Because the link’s funny and it’s time I put them in the blog. Supernatural is a hit TV series, but I think it’s a critically underrated. The story is brilliant — the show’s mythology is one of the best on TV, I think — the acting is superb and it’s fun. Watch it! (via KV)

100 Funniest Supernatural Quotes