Tim Gunn rules!

You’re so articulate — I put you in the same category as the old What’s My Line host John Charles Daly, whose elocution was astonishing. But that show was 50 years ago. Do you feel you belong to a bygone era in this way?

“Do you think it’s a bygone era? Because if you do, you’re underscoring how I feel, Louis. It really concerns me. It really concerns me! There’s a general erosion of, first of all, practical knowledge or general knowledge, I should say, of — forget about other languages because people don’t speak or write any — the English language! I’m very unnerved by it! And thank you for the comparison with John Daly, it’s a great compliment. My first experience with email was when I was at Parsons, part of the New School, and it was an email from the provost of the University. the provost is the chief academic officer. This email contained no capitalization and no punctuation. I. Was. Horrified. I asked her about it, and she said basically, ‘You’ve got to get with it, man!’ Get with it? I had a similar experience with someone I won’t name. I’d been part of a very lengthy cover story about her, and the interview took three days and probably collectively 10 hours. But when the article came out, it was wonderful, and I wrote her a long e-mail about how great the article was and congratulations and I was honored to be a part of it. Two days later — the time doesn’t matter, I’m setting the stage — but two days later, I get an email back: ‘T-H-N-X.’ I didn’t even warrant a vowel! T-H-N-X! Horrified!” — Tim Gunn in an interview with Movieline about his new book. Can’t wait for the book to be available here!

Tim Gunn rules!

Sandman on TV?? This is kinda brill!

“While we worship Kripke’s Supernatural, Gaiman’s Sandman is law. Could it work? Sure…”

HOMAYGAD! I do hope both Gaiman and Kripke are involved. This is news to gladden a fangirl’s heart!

Sandman on TV?? This is kinda brill!

Attention members of the I Heart James McAvoy Club (that means all you girls, haha!). This one’s for you. According to this article, this show’s first two seasons features a pre-breakout James McAvoy. That’s him standing at left, looking all of 18 years old, good Lord! Hmmm, wonder if this show is available at my friendly dibidi suki? And if not, where I can get it? (Ahem, Carrie?) Looks interesting. 🙂

“Mulder, it’s me.” Three words that take me back to the early 1990s when Monday nights meant rushing home early to catch The X-Files on TV. I don’t know if Scully’s going to be saying this familiar phrase in the upcoming X-Files movie—especially since cellphones have gotten more sophisticated in the intervening years. We can actually store numbers in our cells now, imagine that! Haha!—but I can’t wait for the movie to be shown here to find out. Here’s a review from Salon (warning spoiler alert!). Stephanie Zacharek actually liked it, which makes the movie a bit suspect, but as in the best The X-Files tradition, I’m suspending disbelief. (photo from movievice.com)

I just watched the midseason finale of Battlestar Galactica, in which the fleet—spoiler alert!—manages to find Earth only to land on a planet that seemed to have been destroyed by a nuclear war. What the frak, indeed! Waaah, second half of the show’s fourth and last season won’t air till January 2009! Gotta find a new show to be obsessed with. In the meantime, here’s a photo and an article for those who, like me, will be having serious BG withdrawal soon (yes, Carrie, I’m talking to you!). (Photo courtesy of scifi.com)