Well, I’m back….

…. again. Captain “I am to misbehave” Mal (my mac; and yes, I name my macs) was sidelined for months. The battery died and swelled up and I couldn’t find a replacement for a long time, until D ordered one for me from London. So what’s been going on? in my side of the woods, I’ve had to deal with some major issues at work, the scope of which won’t appear on this blog, but suffice to say, the conflagration was hard to put out. Been trying to exercise more (largely D’s doing; posting more on my activities in this regard soon) and traveling more (yay!).  In the next few days — or ok, maybe weeks — will be busy posting more entries — starting with this!
house arrest--books

Accomplishment: Finished (finally — after three years!) Stephen King’s Under the Dome! Wrote about this in an earlier post and back then, I was telling myself I would finish it, but ended up shelving it for other titles. So I finally finished it. So how was it? Hmmm, not as good as some of his other works. I get the impression it was some sort of thought experiment that went on too long. I don’t really regret reading it, but I can’t help feeling that it was a bit of a letdown. Still, and all, that’s a book off the book debt — though I’ve racked up several additions to the pile in the meantime!

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Under the Dome

Under the Dome


Under the Dome is supposed to be one of Stephen King’s best novels in years. I’ve only ever gotten to around a third of it before other things distract me and I put down the book again! (It will get read sooner rather than later, I promise.) In the meantime, word is that CBS is planning an eight-part miniseries about it. To get people anticipating the miniseries, they made a creepy interactive promo where you input your address and watch as a “dome” encloses it. Try the link above and have fun! Bonus points for the creepy music too!

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