Anthony Minghella, 54

Watched Atonement again last night with some friends. Even in a second viewing, the movie hit me like a poleaxe to the skull. A worthy adaptation of Ian McEwan’s novel. Toward the end of the movie, during the interview scene with the mature Briony (played by the superb Vanessa Redgrave) Karen turns to me and goes, “The interviewer looks familiar.” I look closely but didn’t recognize who he was. We stay for the credits, and there it was—Anthony Minghella played the interviewer. Later that night, Karen texts me, “Yo! We watched the guy! Anthony Minghella died today.” There seemed to be a certain symmetry in the fact that one of the last movies he was involved in was a drama set in the same period, with the same epic sweep as The English Patient, his most famous movie. As for me, I’ll remember him as the director of Truly, Madly, Deeply, the movie that introduced me to an actor named Alan Rickman. I saw it in college, in one of those mad hazy perfect days in the middle of finals week, when my friends and I, by some serendipitous twist of fate, had a free afternoon. So with nothing better to do, we trooped to a friend’s house for merienda and to watch a laser disc (laser disc, imagine!!!). He put this movie on. I can’t remember what happened to the rest of that afternoon, but I remember being bowled over by the movie and the lead. A few years after that, Rickman starred in Die Hard. And the rest, as they say, is still happening. Anthony Minghella, director, actor, writer, producer, will be missed.

Anthony Minghella, 54

And now, a word from a ‘jologs’ –, Philippine News for Filipinos

“Do [these society mainstays] deserve it? The character assasinations, no. However, that’s the price I suppose, for hogging the spotlight—especially in a country like ours, where the spotlight needs to shine on more urgent matters.” Nice. Hear, hear, Mr. Cadiz! Haven’t really commented online on the whole blog scandal that has Manila riveted these days, although of course, like everyone else, I’ve discussed it with friends. What can I say, everyone’s afflicted with Schadenfreude! Or the Filipino version, crab mentality.

Not to take anything from Mr. Gorell’s plight, but I can’t help but wonder though, that if Filipinos are capable of so much vitriol, why don’t we unleash it also on people even more deserving of it—like GMA and her ilk! Think of the cleansing power of this much scorn! We’d be rid of graft and corruption in no time.

This whole thing would actually make a great movie, or a book—in the right hands, of course. Speaking of books, summer na! Time to post my summer reading list. Soon, when the story continues…

And now, a word from a ‘jologs’ –, Philippine News for Filipinos