Epic battle

Saw this on 9Gag and it amused me greatly. So how many movie characters can you name? There’s supposed to be 100 in this clip. Fun!


There is a great disturbance in the Force

(Image from The New York Times obit. Read the article here.)

Carrie Fisher — Princess Leia Organa to fans — has died today. May the Force be with her.

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Wonder Woman is here!

So this is weird. This trailer for Wonder Woman, which premiered at the recent San Diego Comic Con, made me teary-eyed. It surprised me, my reaction. Imagine, a grownup getting emotional about a female superhero! And she wasn’t even my favorite superhero back then.

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When you can’t do anything, and your back is killing you…

… you update your blog by posting an amusing picture of Disney princesses in their dressing room… And what is Belle reading? *gasp*

Source: Eumenidi on deviantart. This piece is entitled “7:15 a.m.”

Because it’s a rainy Tuesday and we all need a little Chungking Express to get us through the week

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Geekery: The Pixar Theory

Geekery: The Pixar Theory


Saw this while I was surfing the internets yesterday and it’s geeky and strange enough to capture my interest, which is why I’m linking it here. Basically, if you click on the link above, Jon Negroni’s theory posits that all Pixar movies are interconnected in terms of timelines, storylines, motivations, etc… It’s actually pretty compelling. Now I want to watch all the Pixar movies in order of the theory, haha!

For a capsule version of the theory, here’s the timeline: The Pixar Theory timeline. But do read the whole theory. It’s interesting, promise!

[image borrowed from http://www.jonnegroni.com

A Waltz for a Night

Just watched Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. I remember being bowled over by these movies before, not least because all they really did in both movies was talk. I mean, how did these movies ever get made? But they did, and one of the most magical and romantic cinematic pairings was immortalized onscreen.

This was the last scene of the second movie. Celine (Julie Delpy — who knew she could sing?? I didn’t when I first saw this movie!) sings Jessie (Ethan Hawke) a song about the night they spent together nine years ago. Hooray for second chances and do-overs, huh?

Can’t wait for the third movie.