Random memories: Love and light


Paper lanterns in the courtyard of Anggun Boutique Hotel, in Kuala Lumpur, where B and I stayed October 2012. Anggun is a small boutique hotel just a street away from Jalan Alor, KL’s vibrant hawker street

Looking through my photographs one time, I noticed that I tended to take a lot of photos of windows, lamps, light, etc… aside of course, from the usual food, drink and scenery shots. I’ve never deleted the photos because, well, they’re part of the journey and I figured I could use them somehow one day… In Remembrance of Things Past, Proust gets transported back to a memory just on the taste of a madeleine. And so it is with these pictures. One look and they take me back to when I was there, living the moment.

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Around a month or so back, thinking that I should jumpstart my writing — not writing for work, but writing for myself — I told myself I’d attend more lectures and writing seminars just to get into the swing of things.

So, as it turns out the Singapore Writers Festival was happening last week of October so I thought I’d check it out. The festival was holding a Microfiction competition, wherein participants would write a short 500-word fiction story in under three hours, using some words provided by the organizers. Now, as a writer, I know that to write a compelling short story required tremendous skill and talent, but I thought I’d see if I can do it anyway. So I joined the contest. The competition happened two weekends ago and my entry is posted in the microfiction website. You can read my story here. I have no illusions about winning the competition, but I really just joined because I wanted to see if I could do it. And as I expected, writing a short story that short is insanely hard. The results for the competition will be announced on November 4.

The title of the piece, is of course, “Insomnia.” It’s so me, right? 😉

[Photo by cynicalwitch]